Behavioral Health & Social Services

Behavioral health problems such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse are among the most common and disabling health conditions worldwide, collectively robbing millions of their chance to lead healthy and productive lives.

Patients interested in behavioral health counseling and/or social services are referred to the Behavioral Health & Social Services Department. The department consists of behavioral and substance use disorder counselors, and substance use disorder peer support, as well as a consulting psychiatrist for identified ELFHCC patients.

Counseling & Therapy

Teresa Otoya-McAdams, LPC
Behavioral Health Therapist
Provides behavioral health counseling (in English and Spanish) to adults, children, and families at our East Liberty office.

Amanda Rose Hohan, LPC
Behavioral Health Therapist
Provides behavioral health, as well as drug and alcohol counseling for adults ages 18 and older at our Lincoln-Lemington office.

Drug & Alcohol Support

Michelle Chisholm, M.A.

Manager of Behavioral Health, Social Services, & Clinical Counseling
Provides drug & alcohol screenings, assessments, and substance use counseling. Manages the Medication Assisted Treatment (Vivitrol) program.

Gordon Jenkins, Certified Recovery Specialist
Community Social Service Coordinator
Provides assistance to ELFHCC patients with social service needs, including referrals to community agencies. Coordinates and offers support—including support groups—to ELFHCC patients who have drug and alcohol issues.


Dr. Sean Weldon, DO, MBA, NP
Consulting Psychiatrist
Provides psychiatric consultations and recommendations for ELFHCC patients who are referred by their ELFHCC physician or behavioral health therapist.

Social Services

Social Determinants of Health are the conditions (hunger, abuse, homelessness, addiction) in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age. These determinants are mostly responsible for health inequities—the unfair and avoidable differences in health status. 

In addition, ELFHCC offers patients yearly screenings to identify social service needs. When necessary, referrals are provided to community resources for issues affecting patient health, safety, and quality of live.

John. W. Smith
Community Care Coordinator
Provides employment assistance with job search activities, including resume building.

Spiritual Guidance

Rev. Dr. Mary Lovett
Director of Chaplaincy & Community Outreach
Provides spiritual care and short-term counseling, as well as emotional, religious and spiritual support.

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