East Liberty Family Health Care Center's Patient Rights and Responsibilities shall read as follows:

Patient Rights

  1. A patient has the right to considerate, respectful and competent care.
  2. A patient has the right to receive, upon request, the name of the person in charge of your care and the name and function of any person providing services to you.
  3. A patient or legal guardian has the right to obtain complete and current information concerning your diagnosis, treatment and expected outlook in terms you can be reasonably expected to understand. When it is not medically advisable and/or legally permissible to give such information to you, this information shall be made available to an appropriate person on your behalf.
  4. A patient has the right to receive information necessary to give informed consent prior to the start of any procedure and/or treatment, except for emergency situations. This information shall include at minimum an explanation of the specific procedure or treatment itself, its value and significant risks and an explanation of other possible methods, if any.
  5. A patient has the right to refuse treatment and to be informed on the medical or other consequences of his/her action.
  6. A patient has the right to privacy to the extent consistent with adequate medical care. Case discussions, consultation, examination and treatment are confidential and will be conducted discreetly.
  7. A patient has the right to privacy and confidentiality of all records pertaining to your treatment, except as otherwise provided by law or third party payment contract.
  8. A patient has the right to a reasonable response to your request for services customarily rendered by the facility, and consistent with your treatment.
  9. A patient has the right to expect a reasonable continuity of care and to be informed, by the person responsible for your care, of possible continuing health care requirements.
  10. A patient has the right to the identity, upon request, of all health care personnel and health care institutions authorized to assist in your treatment.
  11. A patient has the right to request, examine and receive an itemized explanation of your bill, regardless of source of payment.
  12. A patient has the right to counseling regarding the availability of known financial resources for his/her health.
  13. A patient has the right to treatment without discrimination based upon race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, genetics, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, familial status, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected group status.
  14. A patient who does not speak English will have access to an appropriate interpreter.
  15. A patient has the right to receive a copy of these “Patient Rights and Responsibilities.”

Patient Responsibilities

ELFHCC patients are expected to assume responsibility for the following:

  1. Provide a complete health history: ELFHCC expects you to provide information about your past illnesses, hospital stays, medicines, and other matters related to your health history.
  2. Participate in your treatment: ELFHCC expects you to cooperate with all staff members and ask questions if you do not understand directions or procedures.
  3. Comply with Smoke-Free rules: ELFHCC is responsible to provide a smoke-free environment for the health of all patients and staff. We expect you to obey our smoke-free policy. Be aware that some local governments may assess a fine for smoking.
  4. Be courteous to other patients and staff: ELFHCC is an atmosphere that promotes healing for all patients. To this end, patients are expected to be considerate of other patients and staff members. Behaviors such as vandalism, theft, physical or verbal threats, profanity and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated, and you may be asked to leave the practice
  5. Patients refusing recommended vaccines are expected to wear a mask when coming to the office with a complaint of any respiratory illness, fever or other acute illness.
  6. Patients are not permitted to bring weapons of any kind onto ELFHCC property.
  7. Accept responsibility for payment for all services provided to you by ELFHCC. Payment may be made through third party payers (such as your insurance company), by self-payment, or by making other payment arrangements for services not covered by insurance. East Liberty Family Health Care Center offers financial counseling services, which includes the sliding fee discount schedule. The sliding discount takes into account family size and income.
  8. Communicate with ELFHCC staff: ELFHCC staff and patients are committed to the same goal—achieving a positive result. You are responsible to let our staff know if you have any questions or problems. Please tell us if anything upsets or concerns you while you are receiving care at ELFHCC. Contact the Office Manager immediately so that your concerns can be addressed.
  9. Protect your belongings: You are responsible for the safety of your belongings. ELFHCC discourages you from bringing valuables to the office.