The Importance of Your Mental Health

Depression and Anxiety

How is the wellbeing of your mental health? It’s easy to forget to think about that sometimes. After all, in contrast, with many physical ailments – we often have an unfriendly painful reminder that affects our day-to-day life. If we have a problem such as high blood pressure, our physicians will readily give you a reading on how our body is performing.

With mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, it’s easy for these problems to slide under our radar.

Here’s an unsettling fact: An estimated 1,814,000 of people here in the state of Pennsylvania are combatting a mental health issue. To put that number into context, that’s over six-times the population of the city of Pittsburgh.

The consequences have a tremendous ripple effect. Mental health impacts our personal and professional relationships. It negatively affects our performance academically and in the workplace. Furthermore, individuals with depression have a higher concern to develop substance abuse problems and criminal incarceration. 70% of youth in juvenile detentions have at least one mental health condition.

Therapy and Counseling

“There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.”

Treatment of mental health requires professional help. With the proper assistance, patients can see dramatic improvement in their day-to-day lives.

Therapy and counseling help with:

  • Distinguishing goals for recovery
  • Diagnosing distorted thought-processes
  • Identifying methods to cope and respond to the symptoms

Seeking the help of a professional isn’t the sign of weakness. It’s the strength of overcoming a mental obstacle. Therapy and counseling help reverse the negative ripple effect, and lead to happier fulfilling life

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