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Dear ELFHCC patients,                                                                                                   October 3, 2022

The East Liberty Family Health Care Center’s Mission is:

To witness to God’s love, known in Jesus Christ, by empowering our patients through community centered, whole-person quality health care for all, which includes those who are uninsured, underinsured and underserved.

We strive to follow our Mission as an organization to each of our nearly 10,000 patients who see or interact with ELFHCC providers nearly 50,000 times per year.

We are grieved and saddened to report that we have recently uncovered financial issues that have resulted in a severe depletion of ELFHCC’s funds.

The ELFHCC Leadership is investigating what happened.  We will make changes so this never happens again.  We want to assure you, our patients, that the financial difficulties have not affected the security of patient records.

ELFHCC is not closing.  We want you, our patients, to know that our doctors, nurses, and staff remain committed to our Mission to continue to provide you with high quality, whole-person health care during this difficult time.

We ask for your patience as this event has affected our daily operations.     However, these discoveries will not change the ability of our providers to continue to meet your healthcare needs.  

We are asking you for your continued support.  Please consider using the ELFHCC pharmacies for your medication needs.  This can help a lot.  Please also consider signing up to use our patient portal if you have not already.   This helps communication with your healthcare team.  For help signing up for the patient portal please call 412-661-2802 press 4.

ELFHCC was founded 40 years ago with a vision to provide health care to people in the Pittsburgh region.  We ask for your continued prayers and support that ELFHCC would continue to perform our Mission and serve the community here in Pittsburgh.

Thank you for your continued confidence in ELFHCC and your providers.  


David Hall, MD, Chief Medical Officer                              

Gregory C. Anderson, MD, Interim CEO        

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