Patient Advisory Council

ELFHCC is honored to be a thriving Federally Qualified Health Care Center (FQHC) in the Pittsburgh region. As an FQHC we are required to have a 51% majority community-based board of directors. Meaning that our board of directors must be made up of at least 51% of our current patients. ELFHCC succeeds that with a 67% community-based board of directors. Meeting once a month, the role of the Board is to help with governance and advise from an over-site perspective. 

The vision of the PAC is to empower our patients and witness to God’s love by delivering community-centered, whole-person quality health care for all while encouraging our patients to be equal partners with their healthcare team. We would like to maintain a safe, compassionate, innovative health care community that listens, learns, contributes, and responds collaboratively with patients.

Objectives of the Council are:

  • To allow the voice of the patient to be heard across the continuum in healthcare decisions made concerning patient care
  • To identify opportunities for improvement
  • To promote patient access to information
  • To improve patient satisfaction
  • To serve as a link between the community and the healthcare team
  • To establish consumer focused marketing strategies to support and enhance the health center

By forming the Patient Advisory Council (PAC), we have developed a subset of the Board in order to give ELFHCC real-time information as to how patients’ needs are being met from the first phone call to make an appointment until the time the patient walks out the door of one of our Health Centers. 

They also serve as ambassadors for East Liberty Family Health Care Center in the community.

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