Are Social & Economic Conditions Affecting Your Health?

Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) are the economic and social conditions that influence individual and group differences in health status. Five key areas of SDoH include:

  • Economic Stability
  • Education
  • Social and Community Context
  • Health and Health Care
  • Neighborhood and Home


At one time or another, many of us experience barriers that cause chaos in our lives. SDoH are conditions in the environments where people live, learn, work, and play that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality of life outcomes and risks.

ELFHCC is now offering a program to work with patients who are experiencing one or more of the SDoH conditions. When you have an appointment, you will be asked a series of questions in an effort to gather information that will help identify barriers that could negatively affect your health.

Answering these questions will allow our providers to better deliver whole-person health care. Your privacy will be respected, and your personal information and answers will remain confidential.

SDoH Questionnaire Examines 15 Factors

  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Transportation
  • Health and Health Care
  • Utility Assistance
  • Furniture and Household Goods
  • Education
  • Substance Abuse
  • Affordable Medication
  • Food Insecurity
  • Safety Concerns
  • Literacy Issues
  • Social Support
  • Behavioral Health

Looking for Help?

If you would like to contact ELFHCC staff about any of the SDoH conditions, please call 412.661.2802 and select option 6, then option 3.